Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Create Portal Application

Take following steps to create Webcenter application using JDeveloper and deploy it on internal weblogic server. Steps listed below are based on JDeveloper

Create new application

Provide application name, location where project will be created and default package prefix. Make sure that the application template "Webcenter Portal Application" is selected.

 Provide project details (Choose Defaults)

Provide default package prefix and path for project.

 Make sure that "Configure Application with standard portal features" is checked.

Select default values for PortalWebAssets project and click Finish

Application will be created with two projects as shown below.

Start IntegratedWeblogicServer

Change J2EE Application Properties for Portal project : Right Click on Project and select Properties, change value for "Java EE WebApplication Name" and "Java EE Web Context Root".

Deploy Application: Right Click on Portal.jpr and select Deploy and click on profile name.

select "Deploy to Application Server"

select "IntegratedWeblogicServer"

Click Next.

Click Finish

This is where MDS configuration is setup. For deployment to IntegratedWeblogicServer click Deploy.

Make sure that the application is deployed without error by checking deployment log.

Test: Open Firefox and go to http://localhost:7101/demoportal

Login as weblogic/weblogic1

Click on Administration link


In this blog I will share my ongoing notes and experience with Oracle Webcenter 11g product.